The Perfect Engagement Ring

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

If things go right, you'll only be buying one engagement ring in your lifetime. Finding the right ring doesn’t have to be a hard work. We outline some buying strategies that will have you finding the perfect ring in no time.


1-Determine Your Budget

While you want to get her a ring that is sure to please, don’t forget, you have to pay for it. Our suggestion: Figure out how much you can afford to spend before you step foot in the store. When we work with you, we’ll make sure to ask you this important question, and then we’ll help you to find the perfect ring in your budget that she will be talking about for years to come.  The standard rule is two months salary – but –keep in mind, this is also a rule that the diamond industry created! However it's still a decent place to start, but then figure out your personal budget.


2-Pay Attention

You're going to have to make a lot of choices – platinum or gold? Modern or traditional? Flashy or understated? It's easier if you've done your homework beforehand. Look at the jewelry your sweetheart wears on a daily basis – if it's all silver with intricate designs – look for a platinum engagement ring with intricate designs (often called filigree). If it's just a few heavy gold pieces, well, then go in that direction.


3-Choose a Stone

If you’ve been paying attention to your sweethearts taste, this choice should be pretty simple. Diamonds come in round, pear, marquis, and many other choices. At Bellestar, we carry all shapes and sizes of diamonds so we will be happy to find the right stone to put into your ring.  The most classic shape is a round solitaire.


Choose the Setting

After you've got your stone, then comes the setting. You could go for simple with a solitaire setting, or you could add filigree, extra side stones, and other details. You can choose gold, white or rose gold, platinum, or even titanium.  Again, pay attention to your sweetheart’s taste and this choice will become much clearer. The diamond experts at Bellestar can also help you choose the perfect setting to showcase your diamond stone.


Solitaire The mounting of a single stone.
Channel Setting This setting uses two strips of metal to hold the stones in place.
Bezel Setting  A diamond that is completely surrounded by a metal border.
Invisible Setting When princess cut diamonds are pressure set together in multiple rows with no metal between them.
Gemlock A vertical bar of metal on each side of the diamond
Side Stones Refers to any shape stone set to each side of the diamond
Pave A setting technique where the stones are set so close that there appears to be no metal showing
Head Refers to the center (main) diamond holder. There are a quite a few styles the most popular being Tiffany usually four or six prong.


4-Think About Bringing Your Sweetheart With You

You'll lose the element of surprise, but you'll be sure that she likes her engagement ring. More and more couples are doing it this way.


5-Plan Ahead

You may not be able to just walk out of a jewelry store with a ring. Not only will you need to save up for it, but depending on what you order it could take a couple weeks for them to set the stone, do any engraving, or even custom design your ring (like Brad Pitt did for Jennifer Aniston). So if you want to propose on a certain date, make sure you start working on the ring early.


6-Get it In Writing

Would you buy a house without an inspection? No? Well then don't buy a diamond without an independent diamond-grading report from the GIA or the American Gem Society. It should include the 4 c's of color, cut, clarity and carat, as well as the shape and size. And, like your house, don't forget to get the ring insured.


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